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And our 2 investment opportunities has been open since the foundation of the company in April 2021, since then we have offered and still offers Norwegian stock options as an individual investor or as crowdfunding. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this start-up has taken longer than expected.

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Consider this remarkable fact: In Norway alone, annual coffee sales surpass a staggering 8,826,225,822.00 USD, with over 17.3 million cups consumed each day. Keep in mind that Norway has a population of only 5.3 million residents. Now, envision the collective consumption of coffee worldwide.

Here lies an unparalleled opportunity, a chance to become a part owner in the future of Arctic CoffeeHouse AS’s extraordinary adventure. By seizing this opportunity, you can contribute to a greater cause, paying it forward with every cup of Arctic CoffeeHouse AS products enjoyed.

Join us now and be a driving force in shaping the future of Arctic CoffeeHouse AS, making a lasting impact as we forge ahead on this remarkable journey.


We have offered NFT – NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN as an option for people who want to take part in our international Royalties program as an individual. As this program ONLY pays out to the NFT owner.

There is NO affiliate system / Multi-Level Marketing associated with the NFT’s or any other form of further income from recruiting NFT owners.

We have contacted many different companies to take part in the marketing campaign. And 10% sales commission is a one-time payment to the promoter. Arctic CoffeeHouse AS has no ownership in any of these companies that are involved in the campaign, and none of these companies have ownership in Arctic CoffeeHouse AS. 

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Our coffee products at start-up, more coffee products are being developed continuously.

Family Coffee

With origins from various parts of the world.


Rich, full-bodied, and sweet taste. These fantastic beans are roasted in the Italian style.

Nicaragua medium

The beans are as demanding to cultivate as the taste is complex.


Etiopian light

Fresh aroma of citrus fruit, hints of dark chocolate and grapefruit.

Indian dark

The taste has a distinct hint of tobacco and nuts.

New product

New product comming


Tea and chocolate are available at launch; other products will be developed continuously.



Our journey began when we witnessed individuals dedicating countless hours as volunteers for their local clubs and organizations, whether it was in sports like football, basketball, swimming, chess, or the realm of music. These passionate individuals tirelessly devoted their nights and weekends to selling everything from bamboo socks to toilet paper or attempting to sell lottery books. However, it became increasingly apparent that many felt disenchanted with the traditional concept of volunteering. They longed for something fresh, an easier way to support their favorite clubs or organizations.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the service and branding industry across Europe and Asia, the founders recognized a recurring theme—how people worldwide perceive Scandinavia, particularly Norway, as an enchanting Arctic landscape adorned with captivating dancing northern lights.

Given Norway’s impressive second-place ranking in coffee consumption per capita globally, we saw an opportunity to combine the allure of the Arctic with the universal love for coffee, thus giving birth to Arctic Coffeehouse. By offering high-quality coffee to sports clubs and voluntary organizations, we eliminate the need for them to distribute the products themselves. Moreover, this allows them to extend their offerings to a broader audience, regardless of geographic location, reaching beyond just their local families and neighbors. This expanded target area opens up new possibilities for these organizations to thrive.


Arctic Coffeehouse AS was founded during a time of global uncertainty, with challenges and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, the project had secured a group of investors who were enthusiastic about launching a new premium coffee brand. 
However, as the pandemic led to widespread lockdowns and economic upheavals, these investors had to restructure their ventures, they had to leave the plan to invest with Arctic Coffeehouse AS.

 Despite the initial setbacks, Arctic Coffeehouse AS’s vision has always been clear and ambitious. The founders are dedicated to delivering premium products with a branding strategy that is both compelling and distinctive. The market strategy of giving back to local communities through grassroots shares and the Arctic Angels initiative creates a synergy that balances customer growth and sales with a heart-and-mind approach. This unique platform ensures that Arctic Coffeehouse AS not only captures market interest but also fosters a fulfilling and socially responsible brand presence.

 In the face of the challenges of losing investors to covid-19 pandemic, the founders of Arctic Coffeehouse AS remained unwavering in their commitment to create a successful, global, and valued premium brand. As we continued with new meetings with investors, we also have several option agreements with fund raisers.

Many major investors said the same thing. This looks fantastic, the rollout plan is briliant. But at the moment our liquidity is low due to hangover from Covid-19.
We have problems to put aside the visuals presentations of Arctic CoffeeHouse AS and hope that we will get an opportunity later if thing changes? This gives us motivation!

This made us persevere, knowing that this will turn around. There are many companies in Norway that do crowdfunding, and this is a very popular and attractive route to ownership for Norwegian citizens. Since day one this has always been part of Arctic Coffeehouse AS’s vision that part of the company should be owned by many.

Environment and Sustainability
Arctic Coffeehouse AS, environmental sustainability is at the core of our values. We are committed to sourcing our coffee beans from farms that practice sustainable and ethical farming methods. Our suppliers are selected based on their commitment to ecological preservation, fair trade practices, and community support. By prioritizing these criteria, we ensure that every cup of Arctic Coffeehouse AS coffee contributes positively to both the environment and the local communities where our beans are grown.

In addition to sustainable sourcing, we implement eco-friendly packaging solutions and strive to minimize our carbon footprint throughout the production and distribution processes. Arctic Coffeehouse AS believes in creating a better planet for future generations, and our dedication to sustainability reflects this commitment.

Our Products
Arctic Coffeehouse AS prides itself on offering a range of premium products that cater to the discerning tastes of coffee lovers around the world.
Our product line includes:

Sourced from the finest beans around the globe, our coffee is roasted to perfection, ensuring a rich and flavorful experience in every cup. Whether you prefer a bold espresso or a smooth, aromatic blend, Arctic Coffeehouse AS has something to delight every palate.

Our selection of teas is curated from the best tea gardens, offering a variety of flavors and types, including black, green, herbal, and specialty teas. Each tea is carefully selected and processed to preserve its natural essence and health benefits.

Hot Chocolate:
Made from high-quality cocoa beans, our hot chocolate is a decadent treat that offers a perfect balance of rich, creamy chocolate flavor. It’s the ideal comfort beverage for any occasion.

With a commitment to quality, community, and innovative market strategies, Arctic Coffeehouse AS is poised to deliver not just exceptional products, but also a brand experience that is hard to resist. The synergy between customer engagement and social responsibility ensures that Arctic Coffeehouse AS will continue to grow, thrive, and set new standards in the premium coffee market.

We are very sure that there is room for Arctic CoffeeHouse AS on the global market and that there is a great need for companies that give back to society every time people use the product, therefore we can not give up.

Arctic Coffeehouse AS was started in Bergen Norway and is a Norwegian stand alone company.
Arctic Coffeehouse AS is NOT a Multi-Level marketing (MLM) system or does not partners with any Multi-Level Marketing companies. 

Arctic Coffeehouse AS reserves the right to use any third-party company with no ownership in Arctic Coffeehouse AS to promote our fundraising marketing campains.

Arctic Coffeehouse AS will offer the same unique grassroots share system provided by the Norwegian government to the national lottery commission, the system is free to use for any registered organization.
There is also a similar system in Sweden that we will implemet when the Norwegian system is up and running.
The grassroot system gives a one time kickback for any direct sales made by the organization in the webshop system. International we will work with our Arctic Angels program.

Our stock investment options has therefore been reserved for Norwegian investors.

 Buying shares in the company Arctic Coffeehouse AS is an investment.
Conduct thorough research and consult a financial advisor to understand the implications of each investment.

Owning shares means buying a portion of the company, giving you partial ownership and a stake in the company’s assets and earnings. The company plans to sell both A-shares (Ordinary shares) and B-shares, with Ordinary shares having full authority according to the by-laws, while B-shares provide limited rights regarding voting and dividends.

Shareholders may receive dividends based on the company’s profitability and have the potential for capital gains if the value of the shares increases.

Shareholders typically have voting rights, allowing them to influence major company decisions at shareholder meetings, depending on the type of shares they hold.

Buying shares is subject to regulatory oversight and compliance with financial laws and regulations.

This investment comes with their own risks and potential benefits or returns. Share values and dividends depend on the overall performance of the company.

When Arctic Coffeehouse AS has completed the investment portfolio this domain will change and become the global shop.


In the late 2023 and the beginning of 2024 as the world is in constant development many people from outside Norway was asking for the possibility to be part of our coffee journey as individual’s, asking if they could join through web3? As we moved forward with this, we decided to add NON FUNGIBLE TOKEN (NFT) as a supplement to our international business model. We have seen other companies do this with great success for both company and NFT owners.

In april 2024 we finally launched our web3 NFT’s solution, we have and will use various third-party companies which have large member bases to do promotion campaigns for us.
NOTE: Non of the companies that takes part in the promotion campaigns has any form of ownership in Arctic Coffeehouse AS, but they are all free to purchase NFT’s on equal terms as all the other NFT owners. Arctic Coffeehouse AS has non ownership or other interests in any of the companies in the promotion campaigns. All companies that takes part in the promotion campaigns can only promote the one time sale of NFT’s for the The Roylaties program. All NFT owners can also be a part of the promotion campagins as an induvidual. 

The NFT’s are minted from each holders uniqe Metamask wallet.

NFT’s are digital assets representing participation in the Arctic Coffeehouse AS royalty program. NFT holders receive royalty payments based on the production and sale of Arctic Coffeehouse coffee, tea, and hot chocolate products. All NFT owners also has a valued discount right of 10% in all of Arctic Coffeehouse AS point of sales.

Owning an NFT does not equate to owning shares in the company. NFT holders do not have ownership rights in Arctic Coffeehouse AS or its assets.

NFT holders do not have voting rights or influence in company decisions.
The value of NFT’s can fluctuate based on market demand and the success of the royalty program. The NFT’s are traded on digital marketplaces within the blockchain ecosystem, which may have varying levels of liquidity and regulations.

 Holding an NFT is not equal to a part in a Multi-Level Marketing system, or any other form of recruitment system.
There is no recurring income regardless of the number of referrals made by NFT holders during the promotion period.

Conduct thorough research and consult a financial advisor to understand the implications of the NFT posibility.

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If you would like more information or would like to be sent a financial overview for investors, please use the form and send us a message and we will be in touch within the next working day.

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Arctic CoffeeHouse AS has its head office and production in Bergen.